The Light Bar Silencer

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Guaranteed to stop the wind noise from your LED light bar the first time!  

  • Not reduces - ELIMINATES whistle from any LED light bar
  • Buy one and done - unlike dampeners, no need to buy multiple parts and hope it works
  • Attach Silencer while mounted - No need to remove light bar
  • No permanent modifications - Some competitor's products use screws to attach to the light bar, this ruins the manufacturer's warranty.  
  • Straight or curved light bar compatible
  • Compatible with any brand - does not matter how many fins
  • All weather construction - aluminum clips encased in hard rubber
  • Can be cut and resized - aluminum clips are segmented so it can be cut with household scissors or razor knife
  • Will not come off while driving- 5 teeth and a aluminum clip hold securely to your light bar, unlike tape.
  • Looks great - no unsightly caulk, glue or tape
  • Will not stop the function of the heat sink fins - caulk, door seals, etc will overheat your light bar
  • No whistle, but sounds like someone is slapping your roof? Mount it to the top to stop wind noise.  See mounting instructions