Installation Instructions

Installation of the Light Bar Silencer is very easy and does not modify or harm your light bar in any way. The whistle is caused by the wind running up the steep incline of the vehicle's windshield.  Our Silencer disrupts the wind and deflects it just enough to keep your vehicle quiet and maintain your sanity. If you have a soft top that flaps in the wind due to the addition of a light bar see instructions below for how to mount for a greatly reduced wind flap noise.

Tools needed: 

Allen wrench the size of your light bar mounting screw

scissors or razor knife

Instructions: for Light Bar Whistle (If soft top wind flap -see below)

1. First take a look at your light bar- how close is it to your windshield?   How high do your wipers go? Visual measure the strip with the flap facing down (not including the clip) of the Silencer strip selecting which light bar fins it will fit on.  Optimal placement is the second to the bottom fin of the light bar.  If you do not have room due to your windshield or wiper clearance you can move up or down a fin or turn the Silencer strip upside down with the flap facing up to make clearance.  The clip portion of the Silencer is not counted because it will be fully inserted on the fin.  It does not matter if the rubber flap is folded on the windshield (in fact it's better) as long as it clears the wipers. Remember the fin you have selected.

2. Open the vehicle front door and stand on the threshold. Start at a corner on the selected fin and push the Silencer strip until the clip is fully inserted over the fin with the flap facing down. DO NOT CUT IT YET.  If you do not have the windshield clearance it is MUCH easier to do this with the light bar rotated with the fins pointing straight up.  If you want to rotate the light bar loosen (don't remove) the allen screws on both sides of the light bar and rotate both sides of the light bar at the same time.  Different brand light bars have different attachment mechanisms, please consult your light bar owners manual if you have questions.  

3.  It is easier to insert the clip over the light bar fin if you lay the Silencer along the side of the light bar and slowly work your way across.  It is normal for the Silencer strip to stretch and lengthen as it is inserted down the length of the light bar.  

4.  When you get the the end of the light bar if you have any additional strip left over, cut it with the scissors or razor knife and then insert the remainder on the light bar fin.  The internal aluminum clip has segmented sections to allow cutting anywhere on the strip.  If your light bar is longer than the strip it will not matter for noise cancelling performance.  

 5. Replace light bar to original position.  Make sure light bar is pointing straight ahead or a little up for proper offroad lighting.  This also aligns the Silencer to correctly disrupt airflow that would cause light bar noise.

Instructions: for Soft Top Wind Flapping

Follow instructions as above for sizing but mount the silencer so the fin is facing upward at the top most heat sink light bar fin.  This will direct the wind up past the soft top and greatly lower the wind noise.